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1. Classic

A classic is a normal fantasy cricket contest where users need to pick 11 players (including captain & vice-captain).


2. T5  

A T5 is a fantasy cricket contest that is similar to Classic contest, but here users need to pick only 5 players (including captain & vice-captain).


3. Second Innings

This is another exciting contest offered by HallaBol11. If a user realizes during the 1st inning of a match that his or her team will not perform well, then the user can just make another team of 11 players for the 2nd inning and get another chance to win the game.


4. Live Fantasy

This type of fantasy cricket contest is an over-wise contest. In this users can join contest for certain overs, say- 6-10 over range or 11-15 over range. Users need to choose only 5 players. And instead of picking captain & vice-captain, users will choose 3x, 2.5x, 2x, 1.5x, 1x for each player.

There is some change in point system as well. In this type of contest, point of a batsman will be calculated on the basis of number of runs scored and number of 4’s and 6’s hit by the batsman while a bowler’s point will be calculated only on the basis of number of wickets taken by the bowler.